Scott Gillespie Head Shot

Scott Gillespie

Producer, sound designer & composer

Scott has been playing and recording music for 30 years and has experience in theatre, television, live performance, studio mixing and recording. He has a BMus and Advanced Diploma in Scoring for Screen.

Find some examples of Scott’s work below.

Vasse Felix

Composition, performance, recording and mix for Same River

Icare animation

Composition, sound design and voice over recording.


Recording, performance, recording and mix for Same River


Recording, performance, recording and mix for Same River

AFTRS Assignment

Sound design for Minority Report

AFTRS Assignment

Sound design for Metropolis

AFTRS Assignment

Sound design for Metropolis

Powerhouse Museum
Sound Design & Composition (2011- 2015)

Composed, recorded, mixed and mastered original music for education spaces and live school stage shows.

Dropbear Theatre
Composer & Live Musician (2007- 2016)

5 touring performances; ‘The Magic Hat’, ‘Trouble’, ‘The Lighthouse Keepers’, ‘Aleksander & the Robot Maid’ & ‘Goldilocks & the Marsupial Mouse’ in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Geelong, and Perth.

Responsibilities included performance, sound design and engineering, and recording for documentation.

Recording : Kubaterra

Scott worked with Kuba for a month on the album and it proved to be the blueprint and inspiration for sharing the studio experience.

” Working with Scott was a pure pleasure for me. It was all very simple and over one month we finished my album. We started working on songs and in the same time  getting to know each other spending evenings on a balcony talking about music and life in general. I had few sketches, ideas and a few a bit more finished songs. He helped me to arrange some of them and to record drums and bass lines in his lovely crazy music space. It was all so magical for me to have an opportunity working with Scott and had a chance to spend some time in this music laboratory. I loved the idea of working on my music in this place he arranged in his house. I recommend this adventure to every musician who wants to make something in an unusual way but still very professional indeed.”

Recording : Pawel Jarecki


Scott took Velvet Audio’s existing tracks and mixed them, giving them extra dimension and clarity. Pawel then approached Scott with his personal project, Amphibians of Idaho and Scott remixed and added textures and loops to make a nice ambient album.

“I used Scott to mix my bands electronic album after I heard a musician I respect (Kubaterra) had used his services. I was so happy with the result that I ended up using Scott’s services for another musical project of mine. I felt that he completely ‘got it’ and for the quality of work I received I felt that the price point was amazing compared to what you pay at some of the larger more renowned sound studios, and the work was comparable if not better. Highly recommend Scott, and will be using him again in future without a doubt.”

Call Scott on +61(0)431 228 583 to talk about how he can support you